ARNELL connects the world with brand new website in English.

ARNELL connects the world with brand new website in English.

ARNELL connects the world – Reliable, safe and strong. Today we released our brand new website in English. So we come closer to our international customers.


With our brand new website in English, we bring the ARNELL brand to our international customers. After launching the new created brand of ARNELL for the German market in July 2016, we just make our next step in brand communication. Under the brand name of ARNELL, we are continuing our success story in the world of grating clips, top-quality forming tools and stamping parts. With more than 70 years of experience in this fields, we became a renowned manufacturer in the market of grating clips. Now, we set-up our website in English with a brand new corporate style.


We export our fasteners outside of Europe to the global market to cross-sectoral customers. They are applied in metal constructions, automotive constructions, wholesale and maintenance management. In doing so, a needs-based product development and product range enables us to offer every customer around the world a comprehensive selection of gratings clips. We maintain a working environment based on trust and continuous development. We draw on an established network of knowledge in order to meet our customer’s needs with powerful solutions. In doing so, our focus in on high quality and fast production times.


Our customers’ goals and ideas determine our actions and define our solutions. After all, their long-standing trust in ARNELL’s capabilities is both, the benchmark and foundation of our own success. Through the cooperation with partners, it is our aim to support our customers around the world and to provide the expertise needed for joint success. All cooperation is based on trust. We place ourselves in the mindset of our customers. This helps us to actively look for solutions for our customers to achieve challenging projects together.

Let’s start our connection!

always one step ahead, a a little faster, always a bit more efficient – there are many things in our favour.

All cooperation is based on trust. We place ourselves in the mind-set of our customers and we are involved in the goal-orientated planning and processes. This helps us to actively look for solutions, and it helps our customers because they can rely on us to provide a solution. Together, we achieve challenging projects. In doing so, we rely on our problem-solving expertise, whereas the customer relies on us. We see our customers as partners. How do you see us?