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Valence and resilience

Grates need to be fastened wherever they are put to use, be it as wall elements or staircases in architectural structures, as machine or plant plattforms, or in safety facilities. The constantly evolving variety of ARNELL grating clips offer safety at all times.
ARNELL produces high-quality grating clips for the industrial, wholesale, mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing sectors.
We know exactly what is important in punching and forming technology through decades of experience. We support our customers at all stages – from the demanding product development to the production of prototypes, all the way to the creation of a ready to use tool for serial production. The results are technically well-engineered and equally efficient solutions for a high, lasting product and process quality.
Flexible and well thought-out solutions by ARNELL guarantee high-quality tools for efficient customer use or in the in-house production of punched parts.
We produce customized, needs-based punched and bent parts for customers from a variety of industries on the most modern machines. We are a reliable supplier of high-quality products that range from simple components to complex assembly units.
We know how it’s done! With the expertise we have accumulated over years, ARNELL produces high-quality punched parts for challenging applications in the industrial and trade sectors.