Tradition grows from experience.

Expertise trough solutions.

Founded on August 1, 1943 as a plumbing and installation company, our company developed into a renowned manufacturer of sheet metal and metal products under the management of Arno Hentschel.

The production of forming dies and stamping parts began as early as 1965. In 1972, the production of grates was added. Today, ARNELL is considered to be one of the most important manufacturers of grating clips and offers flexible, cross-sector solutions for high-quality forming dies as well as the manufacturing of stamping parts parts and components.


Company transfer to the 3rd generation

Company transfer to the 2nd generation

Founding of Arno Hentschel Foundation

Founding of Arno-Hentschel GmbH

Company founded by Arno Hentschel

always one step ahead, a a little faster, always a bit more efficient – there are many things in our favour.

All cooperation is based on trust. We place ourselves in the mind-set of our customers and we are involved in the goal-orientated planning and processes. This helps us to actively look for solutions, and it helps our customers because they can rely on us to provide a solution. Together, we achieve challenging projects. In doing so, we rely on our problem-solving expertise, whereas the customer relies on us. We see our customers as partners. How do you see us?

We bring your products into shape
- in all respects.

ARNELL produces high-quality grating clips for the industrial, wholesale, mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing sectors. The flexible and sophisticated solutions of ARNELL guarantee sustainable connections for all requirements.

With decades of experience, ARNELL manufactures quality tools and stamped parts for use in industry and craft.